1. Why is everyone so excited about those electric cars?


When we first meet Hammond's grandkids, it's when he shows everyone you can get around the park in electric cars that don't need drivers. They run on a track in the middle of the roadway. For some reason, they're all very impressed, even though it's basically how every ride in every theme park works. Right after that, Hammond shows them every car is equipped with a touch screen, which really drives the kids nuts. It always seemed like they were more excited about those cars than the ACUTAL DINOSAURS.


2. Why is the Jurassic Park logo a dinosaur skeleton?

I mean, really, this park has one thing going for it and that's having real life living dinosaurs. There are plenty of natural history museums displaying dinosaur bones and recreations. But you have actual dinosaurs walking around, why not put that in your logo? Advertisement, people. Don't be afraid to show the goods.


3. What kind of parents send their kids to an untested Dinosaur island?

Even if you trust good old scientist grandpa 100 percent, why would you send your kids to this dinosaur park before it's been approved and tested? The plot of the movie is Hammond bringing in experts to visit the park and certify it after a park worker is killed by a Velociraptor. Is that really a good time for your grandkids to visit?


 "So, hey. I'm bringing over a few scientists to make sure my park isn't a mortal danger, you mind if the kids tag along"?

4. Why didn't the kids run after Donald?

When the T-Rex first enters, Donald gets nervous and runs out of the car. The kids stay inside, shocked, saying "He left us". Well, if you wanted to stay together so badly - why didn't you just follow him? It's not like he pushed them towards the T-Rex to escape like George Costanza in that fire. He just opened the door and stepped out of the car. 

Clearly they knew it was a bad idea to go outside, so why did they complain about Donald leaving them? Either way, it would have been a bad idea to stay with that idiot Donald. We all know how that ended.


5. Lex sure takes her sweet time with that flashlight

Lex shines a flashlight right in the T-Rex's face to signal they're in danger. But once she understands it's not a good idea to attract light to herself, she sure takes a lot of time to turn it off. Sure, having a T-Rex after you puts you in some stress which will hurt your cool, but why does Lex find it so difficult to turn off a flashlight? It's got one button! And later Lex does a pretty good job handling switches and electrical boards that are way trickier than a simple flashlight.