Swedish man Kristoffer Örstadius came across an old GoPro lying in a field, with its memory card still intact. Now he's looking for the original owner. How did it get there? Its last recorded video has the dizzying answer. Full-screen this video if you want to puke.

via Kristoffer Örstadius

In a sense this is like Act I of a Pixar movie, with the GoPro as the main character. Newly bought from Amazon.com, its loving owner (and new best friend) takes it out skydiving for a test run. But things take a turn for the worse, and the GoPro spirals 10,000 feet into a grassy field. It's abandoned there (cue: montage of snow/winds/rain) till someone finds it years later. Now it's up to them to find the owner, and learn a bit about friendship along the way.

In another sense, it's like tripping your balls off.