1. The Sultan (Aladdin)


How bad are things in Agrabah? Well, the main character in Aladdin is a desperately poor kid commonly referred to as a "street rat", hand-chopping is the standard mode of punishment for stealing apples, and - hell - poverty is so rampant that there are children whose next meal is dependent on the generosity of a monkey.


But none of this is the fault of the villainous Jafar - no, the one at fault for the rampant poverty and backwards-ness of Agrabah is none other than the (seemingly) genial Sultan. Plump and tiny, he's supposed to be the one we want in charge of the place - but he's allowed wealth inequality to run rampant. While his citizens are starving in the streets, he and his daughter live a life so lavish that it literally requires the wish of a magical genie to replicate it.

Sorry Sultan, but you're a shitty ruler. And those kids are probabbbbly gonna get ebola.


2. Mufasa (The Lion King)


Ohhhh fuck you Mufasa. Sure, you SEEM all wise and honorable, but deep down you're the head of a DEEPLY fucked-up regime.

See, lions are commonly referred to as "kings of the jungle", but when you make them LITERAL kings, things start getting weird. I mean - every animal in the Savannah literally BOWS DOWN to them...but WHY? It's not like Mufasa (or any of the lions) represent some kind of benevolent ruling class. Fuck, the gazelles bow down to him even though they're his primary source of food. Imagine your king making you bow down to him and then him turning around and CONSUMING YOU AND YOUR ENTIRE FAMILY.


Now I'm not saying he DESERVED to get run down by a herd of wildebeest, but...yeah nevermind that's exactly what I'm saying.


3. The Beast (Beauty and the Beast)


I don't care how sweet "The Beast" apparently is by the end of the film - beyond the fact that he's a kidnapping, potentially abusive monster, he doesn't give a SHIT about the situation his servants are in. Literally HUNDREDS of his servants have been transformed into household furniture and silverware by no fault of their own - and their only hope of being transformed back into humans is if the Beast finds love FAST.

And what does the Beast do? JACK SHIT. He chills in his palatial estate, being an awesome cool beast-man with a rad singing voice, while his maid's SON is stuck being a teacup. Did he try going out and searching for love? Did he proactively do ANYTHING so that his servants would have a shot at returning to their natural forms? Noooooope.

Sidenote: why the hell did he need THAT MANY servants? Seriously - based on the silverware alone, there must have been HUNDREDS. There wasn't even a royal family they were serving - just one selfish dude.

Luckily, a hot chick who was into being kidnapped sorta fell into his lap, but if not for Belle, the goddamn DOG woulda been stuck as an ottoman for eternity. Gaston, while a total dick, is still cooler than you, Beast.