Dust off your Gandalf hat, and cancel that vacation to the beach, because Lord of the Rings is getting its own theme park. Yeah, suck on that, Disney World!

Okay, before you book a flight to Orlando, it's important that I break some bad news -- the theme park is going to be in Spain

Definitely a major bummer for those of you who don't live in Europe, but on the plus side, maybe now's a good time to start planning for that semester abroad in Barcelona. The park is going to be called "La Comarca" which translates to The Shire. The theme park isn't going to be anywhere the size of Disney World (120 acres) but will be a modest 20 acres and cover several different parts of Middle Earth. 

No opening date has been set, but visitors will be able to chill out in Hobbit holes and developers plan to make water the main attraction of the park. Not exactly sure what that means, but how bad-ass raging Forest River barrel ride be?

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