How many times have you found yourself in this all too common scenario? You want to get drunk on your own liquor concoction, but you'd also like to be out in public where that sort of thing is frowned upon. Solution: pose as a responsible father and get your drink on through a flask disguised as helpless infant. People will gaze fondly and say to themselves, "Look at that fine father spending time with his child." Not knowing that you're on the cusp of blacking out because that baby is just a vessel for your alcohol.

It's all part of part of a ridiculous, new Kickstarter called the Cool Baby that allows you to suck booze through the head of a plastic baby doll. Never before has there been a creepier way to get drunk. 


The Cool Baby's creator, Simon Philion, hopes to raise $70,000 to launch his line of booze babies and has some pretty enticing gifts for backers who are willing to throw their money down the toilet and help make this the next great American company. For example, if you pledge $8,000 Simon will produce 10 Cool Babies that look just like you. Horde them all for yourself or give them out to loved ones and alienate everyone you know!

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