1. Tipping counts. It really, really counts. And you might not understand why until you actually work an 8-hour, minimum wage job that requires you to be nice to people who haven't had caffeine yet.undefined

2. We know it's annoying when we misspell or mispronounce your name. But also consider that it might actually be your name that's annoying.undefined

3. Being a barista is a tiring job, and much like the weed dealer you don't use anymore, we tend to "sample the merchandise" a bit too often.undefined  

4. Every barista has at least one drink that they HATE making. Fancy drinks with multiple espresso shots usually frustrate the heck out of us. While we're not allowed to show it on our faces, I can guarantee that baristas rage hard when they see an order for one of these drinks.undefined 

5. When you are kind or even just curtly polite, you really make a difference to us baristas. Interacting with pleasant customers is one of the best parts of the job, honestly. But...If you're rude, don't let our forced smiles fool you. We WILL remember you... undefined...Just maybe not your name.


 Written and Illustrated by Sarah Andersen.

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