Free publicity! Notorious fast-rapping, pancake makingEllen-featured wordsmith Mac Lethal has taken to finding random ads on Craigslist and putting his personal touch on them, turning what was their ordinary search for a partner / potential buyer into just a really nice tune. Really stands out now.

But is it blowing up their spot? Bringing on too much attention? The first video has garnered more than 250k views in a couple of weeks, surely more than a local Craigslist posting would normally. Lethal has posted a disclaimer, stating "If you plan on emailing me, angry that I put your picture or phone number on here, remember: you put it on the internet first."

Really though, Craigslist for personals?

Part 2:

I want that '07 Microsoft Office on CD ROM.

Now, if you want to be featured in the next video, email This could be genius.