Saturday morning cartoons are dead, guys. I don't mean like there are just fewer of them out there and the ones around kinda suck, I mean they're dead. Gone. No more. This past weekend was the first in over 50 years that none of the big networks (ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS) aired cartoons. The last block of sugary-cereal cartoon goodness ran on the CW the previous weekend. I have no idea what FOX is airing at 8 a.m. on a Saturday now, but I doubt it compares to the glory that was X-Men

In honor of the lost era of Saturday morning cartoons, here are the intros (in alphabetical order) of the 20 greatest. I left out the ones that aired on Disney Channel or Nickelodeon to keep things even-keeled. Sorry if your favorite didn't make the cut, but these 20 were the BEST. No exceptions ;)


1. Animaniacs 1993-1995

2. Beetlejuice 1989-1991

3. Bobby's World 1990-1998

4. Batman 1992-1995

5. Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids 1972-1984