Do It #LikeACaptain.

Doin' it #LikeACaptain is about much more than just being first, fast, or smart. It's about taking the ordinary and making it an adventure. So now it's up to you to show your inner pirate and post how you do it #LikeACaptain, and hey, maybe you'll come away with some good ol' booty for it too...

Until the end of October, by showing us how you do it #LikeACaptain, you might just find yourself $10,000 richer. Not bad, right? Mention @CaptainMorganCA on facebook, twitter, Instagram or vine with a picture, video or message of how you channel your inner captain, and you could be a weekly or even grand prize winner! Don't forget to hashtag #LikeACaptain and mention @CaptainMorganCA in order to submit your entry. C'mon, we dare ya. 

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