Binge-watching is fun and all, but if you really want to get the most out of your next Netflix marathon, you'll take things to the next level: reverse bingeing. That's when you finish an entire TV series then watch it all over again, starting with the last episode and ending with the first. Now it's like a completely different show!


(spoilers contain may: Warning)

1. Breaking Good


Synopsis: The inspiring tale of Walter White, drug lord kingpin who finally gives up on his life of crime after beating cancer.


2. Game of Increasingly Stable Political Alliances


Synopsis: The good news just keeps pouring in for the Stark family, who grow larger and happier by the year. Also, summer is coming!


3. Happy Men


Synopsis: The more Don Draper drinks and parties, the better he becomes at his career, his relationships, and even at concealing his past. By the time the series ends, he's basically living in a male-fantasy utopia of his own design!


4. The Sonarpos


Synopsis: Stressed out mobster Tony Soprano cures his anxiety attacks once and for all after stepping down as boss and finally telling those damn ducks to get the hell out of his pool!


5. Found


Synopsis: After hallucinating on a deserted island together for years, dozens of mysterious strangers return to their normal lives and forget the whole thing ever happened.