6. Clash Of The Titans - "Release The Kraken"

This line and its resulting briefly-popular and incredibly-forced meme is pretty much all anyone remembers from the 2010 Clash of the Titans remake (which actually wasn't that bad!), but when it finally happens in the film, dramatically delivered by movie-and-real-life-Zeus Liam Neeson, it's followed by a menacing sequence of the kraken arriving from the depths of the sea, approaching a seaside town, then INSTANTLY getting turned to stone by Perseus and defeated. It is 'released' for a total of like, twelve seconds.


7. Garden State - "The Shins Will Change Your Life..."

Pointing out dumb shit in Garden State is like shooting fish in a barrel while a Nick Drake song plays, but the oddly memorable part where Natalie Portman tells Zach Braff to listen to the Shins -- like many parts in this movie -- is really really weird when you rewatch it. She tells him the song will change his life, and he puts headphones on, and the song just plays for like 6 seconds while he sits there, then he takes the headphones off and it fades, and that is an actual filmed part of an actual filmed movie that came out in actual theaters.


8. Titanic - "I'm King Of The World!"

The most famous line from the then-highest-grossing film of all time was, inexplicably, a totally random part where one character just jumps up and yells a thing, and it has no real consequences or significance, aside from the fact that Leonardo DiCaprio successfully delivering this line without it sounding like the worst thing ever written probably should've won him an Oscar. At the very least, it portended a wonderful future film career for DiCaprio full of films WITHOUT this line in them.


9. The Matrix - "My Name Is NEO!"

That first Matrix movie still holds up remarkably well despite the subsequent decade of half-assed parodies, but it also includes a really amusing non-climax when Neo and Agent Smith grapple in an elaborate, supercharged fight in a subway, which crescendos with Agent Smith telling "Mr. Anderson" to prepare to die, and he responds by declaring "My name...is NEO!" and flinging Smith onto the tracks of the oncoming subway train to get obliterated.

Then, seconds later, Smith materializes into another dude and the movie continues. Well. Shit.


10. Return Of The King - The Entire Final Battle Scene

4700 hours of the most epic special-effects achievement in film history at the time finally peaks with a massive all-encompassing battle scene featuring countless armies and creatures and magic and monsters and fantastical riding animals and... an army of invincible ghost soldiers that shows up and completely devastates everything and just resolves the entire thing.

If the ghost army had shown up like, thirty minutes earlier, would the entire battle have been moot? SO MANY HORSES DIED NEEDLESSLY!!!!! Also characters. Horse characters. (RIP, Horse Characters.)


Other Famous Movie Moments That Were Actually Anticlimactic? Leave 'em in the comments! It's the internet. We're all here to needlessly nitpick a bunch of movies we liked.