Even though most of us know them in English, most of the Disney films we loved growing up don't take place in English speaking countries. With that in mind, let's take a look at how some classic songs sound like in the languages the characters would actually speak.* 

1. A Whole New World From Aladdin (Arabic) 

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2. Be Our Guest From Beauty And The Beast (French) 


3. I Just Can't Wait To Be King From The Lion King (Zulu) 

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4. Do You Want To Build A Snowman From Frozen (Norwegian)

Source: Hetalia Norway 


5. Hellfire From The Hunchback Of Notre Dame (French) 

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6. My Reflection From Mulan (Cantonese)

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7. Part Of Their World From The Little Mermaid (Danish)

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8. Be Prepared From The Lion King (German) 

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Okay so maybe that last one isn't entirely accurate, but I think anyone whose ever seen that movie would agree that the song was meant to be sung in German. 


*Note: Before you say anything, I know that a lot of these movies don't explictly take place in any real countries. I also know that lions don't talk. These are just the best estimates of what the characters would speak if they were real, based on the available versions of the films. Also, go f*ck yourselves.