4. "Booty Wurk" by T-Pain

This song, though catchy, gives me a couple of bad ideas. First, stopping my car in the middle of the street to play music out of my trunk doesn't usually make anyone very happy -- not actually cool. Second, walking up to a club bare-footed is not sexy, unless tetanus turns you on. So maybe that's a personal preference thing.

5. "Upgrade U" by Beyonce

As far as I know, Beyonce can do no wrong. That being said, if anyone else tries to crash their man's big-shot "meeting for the mils" in an attempt to "compliment the deal," it'll probably just be weird and kind of annoying. 

6. "Rude Boy" by Rihanna

Rihanna is a badass and always repping female empowerment, however, it would seem that actually asking a boy if he can "get it up" before sex is usually not that sexy in reality, but is an effective way to give him performance anxiety!