1. There's One Shakespeare Quote in the First 10 Minutes and Then Never Again


We all know that the movie is based on The Taming of the Shrew, but in case we didn't, Cameron helpfully reminds us by seeing Bianca and going, "I burn, I pine, I perish," which is a totally normal thing to say in a 90s high school environment. It's also a direct quote from the original play, which kinda makes you think there are going to be a couple more quotes scattered throughout. Nope! Just that one random line! And then never again! Okay!

(P.S. Yes, Michael does say more stuff like "assail your ears" and "sweet love, renew thy force" but those are from Hamlet and Sonnet 56 so NICE TRY.)


2. The Whole Black Underwear Thing


Kat is branded a sex freak by sneaky snoops Bianca and Cameron when they find black underwear in her room, because apparently that means "she wants to have sex someday." Sorry, what? Is Bianca saying she herself DOESN'T want to have sex someday? Like, EVER? Also, Kat is a senior in high school, which is a pretty normal age to think about the POSSIBILITY of SOMEDAY having sex. Also, maybe she just likes how she looks in black underwear. This whole scene was weird.


3. Their Dad Knows He's In Charge, Right?


We can set aside the totally nonsensical logic behind Dad Stratford's rule about one daughter not dating till the other does, because fine, it's inherited from Shakespeare's time when having an unmarried daughter was literally the worst thing a land-owning gentleman could do. But once he's made that rule and Kat starts dating and he's all upset about it, he knows he could just...CHANGE THE RULE, right? He's the parent. There is absolutely nothing stopping him from going back to the original "no dating till you graduate" rule, or maybe making up some new third rule, like a curfew, that might actually make a modicum of sense. Well, absolutely nothing stopping him except for the fact that the movie needs a plot.


4. Nothing About Bogey Lowenstein's Party Makes Sense


Given, the parents-out-of-town, things-get-out-of-hand unrealistic high school party is a staple of the teen movie genre, and as such we must permit it a certain amount of silliness. BUT: How did Michael get the invite to Bogey's exclusive wine-and-cheese party if he's been cast out of the Future MBAs group? Also, who hired the DJ? Is he a Padua High student who just really wanted to lug his own speakers around and work all night for no pay, just to get some valuable DJing experience? Similarly, who is this waiter carrying trays of tequila shots around the party? Is HE a high school student trying to get unpaid waitering experience? Do these students know that unsupervised parties are not the best opportunities for internships in their chosen fields of DJing/cocktail waiting??


5. Flashing a Teacher Shouldn't Get You OUT of Trouble


Kat flashes the creepy soccer coach/detention proctor, thereby stunning him for long enough that Patrick can escape out the window. 'Cause, y'know, BOOBS! Forget the fact that if a high school student actually committed this flagrantly inappropriate sexual abuse of an educational professional, she would definitely get a few detentions of her own, or maybe a suspension, or at the very least an emergency guidance counselor meeting with Ms. Perky. But no. Padua High just lets her run free into the sunshine, river paddling and paintballing and Frenching with nary a consequence! What kind of school are these people running??!! It's mayhem!!!

P.S. I know it's the 90s, but girl, where's your bra. C'mon.