Choose a Setting:

1. The War of 1812

2. Wikipedia's first office, 2000

3. Sodom and Gomorrah

4. Suburban Minneapolis during the Cold War '50s

5. A robot factory in the not-too-distance future 

6. The site of the first SARS outbreak, 2003

7. Europa, the sixth moon of Jupiter, in the year 3000

8. Berkeley California, circa 1967 


Choose Your Lead:

1. Bjork, for some reason

2. Patton Oswalt in a surprisingly meatty dramatic role. He can practically smell the Emmy already.

3. Anyone from American Pie

4. Sir Ben Kingsley, pretty much phoning it in

5. A talented person with a perfect face who has somehow never landed a major acting role

6. Dennis Franz, resurrected

7. An increasingly creepy Tilda Swinton 

8. The entire cast of Sideways


What's Their Deal:

1. They have just been given 37 minutes to live.

2. They grew up in a slaughterhouse, where they lost every ounce of their innocence. Lots of flashbacks intercut with goats screaming.

3. They have just realized life is inherently meaningless.

4. They hate robots, but are slowly realizing they are a robot.* 

5. They have unwittingly become part of an underground crime syndicate.

6. They are a magician who's just stumbled on the secret to REAL magic.

7. They keep waking up from a series of strange dreams. They may still be dreaming, for all the audience knows!

8. They are an allegory for the Iraq War.

*might work best in the robot factory setting


Choose a Showrunner:

1. A recent college grad whose student film about conceptual artists eating brunch in Williamsburg won top honors at SXSW

2. Matthew Weiner, who's being kind of a dick

3. A former According to Jim staff writer, whose script you really need to see to believe

4. The Coen Brothers, with the added caveat that John Goodman will play most of the supporting cast a la Eddie Murphy in The Nutty Professor

5. Jenji Kohan, who's insisting that every B-story involves pooping.

6. An especially salty David Simon 

7. An upstart Ivy League Creative Writing MFA, fresh off their first short story collection

8. Stephen fucking Gaghan


Choose Your Nudity Level:

1. Gratuitous 


AMC, HBO, and Netflix are currently engaged in a bidding war for your pilot. Congrats!