Most interviews are lame. Too often are they a formality, a mere obligation, just so you can have made that attempt to gain new insight on something that just... is what it is. Here are five short clips that save us from that terrible monotony:

Plastic Bag Saves Boring Interview

The inspiration. The pinnacle. Plastic Bag's best, most eloquent role since American Beauty.


Guy Answers "Moustache" on People's Court Exit Interview

Another classic. Even better that the interviewer could never see it coming.


Egyptian Guy Peaces Out Like a Boss

I don't know how often you're asked to be on the news, civilian, but I imagine it is a unique enough occasion to give it your full attention WHILE YOU'RE giving it. Nah, not for this guy.


Shaq Punks Reporter in Otherwise Ordinary Interview

Before outlandish outfits became the main takeaway from post-game conferences, Shaq provided the NBA's most memorable punchline-walkout combo, sealing the deal with his incessant (yet wildly effective) pointing.


Bus Gets Unflipped in the Background

Thankfully no one gets hurt, but that's the most emphatic "back to you" I've ever seen a bus give.