"Flag This". A Slam poem in response to video: Cat trying to eat off plate.

By Slam Poet 4000

Seconds wasted,

another day another cat.

It's been forever, but no time has passed at all

Another cat,

another fall.

I'm so over. I'm over, it's over.

Your cat, begging for leftovers.

They're not there, you ate them

they're gone.

Your video-

it's gay.

And yet it goes on.


"All I See Are Cups". A Slam poem in response to video "Jenny doing the Cups song from Pitch Perfect"

By: Young Avenger

Cups on your table

and posers on my screen

originality went out the window.

Dare I dream?

A world with new routines,

Tricks I hadn't seen.

But all I see are cups

and posers on my screen.


"Wreck" A slam poem in response to video "Miley Cyrus- Wrecking Ball"

By Forward Ben.

She came in like a wrecking ball

They said she was a slut

Leave the girl alone,

Only you think that it's smut.

She's expressing herself

Women have opinions too

Your mind is closed

Knock knock

Who's there?

the truth!

Everyone is free

I'm a bird, and so is she.

And you should be free too.

free the ball, Miley.


"Introduction to Childhood Cruelty". A slam poem in response to video "Jimmy Kimmel Challenge- I Told My Kids I Ate Their Halloween Candy

By: Peckish Joe

"Abuse"! "Abuse"!

I cry and no one hears

Taking candy from a baby

Is that what comedy is?

Kimmel, you're a bully

They should take away your show

Is cruelty all that's left in our world?


Trick or treat? A Trick!

That's all we ever get

Take it away, dear mom and dad,

years of therapy is all that's left.

Money and possessions,

Our kids, they know the truth

Candy is their passion

Jimmy, don't take that away too.


"I AM THE INTERNET". A slam poem in response to video "Jennifer Lawrence interview on E! entertainment"

By Da InternetZ

I'm watching you at night, before I go to bed

So I'd dream about you, and all the things you said.

All your interviews, I hear, they're never through

I am the internet, and I feed off of you.

I have a hunger only your games could satisfy

a new haircut,

a laugh,

a cry.

All the haters, they don't understand my pinning

but I have you, J-Law, my playbook's silver lining.


One in every generation

to be admired more than all

the others fall, they call and crawl.

But you stand tall.

You have the ball.

The court is yours, do what you will

J-Law, You give me all the feels.


I am the internet, J-law

I feed on your self esteem

don't let me down, J-Law

Or I'll make you into a meme.

PEACE, I'm out!


(Illustrated by: Tom Trager)