If The Matrix Was Realistic

  1. Morpheus

    Do you want to know the truth, Neo?

  2. Neo

    I do.

  3. Morpheus

    Unfortunately, I cannot just tell you about The Matrix. For you to understand it you must experience for yourself, and once you experience it there is no turning back,  do you understand?

  4. Neo


  5. Morpheus

    Very well then. Now you must choose. Take the blue pill, and you forget about all this, and wake up in your bed believing what your told like none of this ever happened. Take the red pill, you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.

  6. Neo

    What's that now?

  7. Morpheus

    Take the blue pill, and you forget --

  8. Neo

    No, I heard what you said. I just don't know if I feel comfortable taking random pills from you. I mean, we literally just met.

  9. Morpheus

    There comes a point in everyones life when they must make a choice. For you that time is now.

  10. Neo

    I get it. I just really wish that there was a choice that didn't involve me taking really shady looking pills. Like seriously, look at those things. Were they even in a bottle, or did you just let them float around in your pockets?

  11. Morpheus

    I can assure you, my pockets are clean. Now make your choice.

  12. Neo

    I'm not taking anything.

  13. Morpheus

    Why? Are you afraid of the truth?

  14. Neo

    No, I'm afraid those pills are gonna knock me out, and you're gonna do stuff to me, or steal my kidneys or some shit.

  15. Morpheus

    Even if I wanted to steal your kidneys, I could not. For you see, what you perceive as to be kidneys is merely an illusion.

  16. Neo

    Saying shit like that really isn't making me feel more comfortable.

  17. Morpheus

    Please make a choice Neo. I think you may be The One.

  18. Neo

    Okay, fine. Let's say you are telling the truth, and let's say I want to see The Matrix. What the fuck does the red pill even do?

  19. Morpheus

    I don't understand.

  20. Neo

    Like I understand why you'd give me a pill to make me forget about things, but what is the purpose of the red pill?

  21. Morpheus

    I dunno. I guess it's really more of a symbolic thing....

  22. Neo

    A symbolic thing. Gotcha... Okay, well, you're clearly a crazy person so I think I'm just gonna go now.

  23. Morpheus

    Neo, I believe the fate of humanity may rest on your shoulders.

  24. Neo

    Yeah. Sure. Whatever you say. You're lucky I don't call the fucking cops.

  25. Neo Exits.
  26. Morpheus

    I'm starting to suspect he is not The One.