7. Why Would They Repaint The Hearse To Have The 'Ghostbusters 2' Logo?

12 Parts In The Ghostbusters Movies That Still Bother Me

When the Ghostbusters get back in business midway through the second movie, they suddenly have the "Ghost Holding Up Two Fingers" logo on their car, hanging outside their station, and SEWN ONTO THE SHOULDERS OF THEIR UNIFORMS. Would they really have spent all that time and energy updating their friggin logos? And also, how is it "2" for them? Are they aware that they're in a sequel of some sort? Seems bizarre that they'd take time away from analyzing sentient mood-slime to ask their graphic-designer friend for another favor.

8. Isn't This Giant Monster A HUGE Problem?

12 Parts In The Ghostbusters Movies That Still Bother Me

About 2/3rds of the way through GB2 (what us Cool-Os call it), there's a montage of the slime seeping into the New York streets and wreaking ghost-havoc, including a woman's fur coat coming to life, the Titanic arriving, and this two-second shot of a GIANT MONSTER THING attacking Washington Square Park, which is never explained or mentioned again.

I get that Vigo is the Ghostbusters' primary concern, but look at this thing! This isn't some whimsical Slimer stealing a vendor's hot dogs, it's clearly killing many people and destroying shit while the Ghostbusters are working on saving Dana's baby. Do they go back and bust it shortly after the closing credits? Is it just running amok in New York indefinitely? Is NO ONE ELSE worried about this, now, in 2013 A.D.??? Crazy.

9. The Statue of Liberty Doesn't Have Legs

12 Parts In The Ghostbusters Movies That Still Bother Me

I still remember seeing Ghostbusters 2 in the theaters (spoiler! I'm 57 years old), coming out of the theater, raving about it for weeks, and my older, wiser friend Damon super-nerdily pointing out "You know, the Statue of Liberty doesn't actually have legs, it's just one giant chunk of copper, so it couldn't actually walk like that." And Googling a photo of the statue today, you know what? Dammit if that guy wasn't totally right.

Also you can't make statues come to life by spraying them with goo and blasting Jackie Wilson, but Jesus Christ, we don't need to get nitpicky here.

10. Why Is Slimer Driving The Bus???

  12 Parts In The Ghostbusters Movies That Still Bother Me

Look, I can meet you halfway on a lot of things, film universe where ghosts exist, but how does Slimer go from mischieviously flying around shoving food down his throat for 1.9 films, then suddenly is driving a New York City bus WEARING A BUS DRIVER CAP THAT IS ALSO SOMEHOW GHOSTLY? Is it the ghost of a bus driver cap? Or did he put a real cap on his head and it's staying there somehow and just looks glowy because of his own glow? How long has he been driving this bus? Is he really that committed to this sight gag?

Most of this list is just jokey, nostalgia-ey things that don't actually "BOTHER" bother me, but I'm literally standing on a soapbox screaming at my screen as I'm watching that Slimer/Bus GIF. WHAT IS HAPPENING?? Anyway...

11. Would Vigo Just Be A Baby For A Few Years?

12 Parts In The Ghostbusters Movies That Still Bother Me

I always wondered about this -- if Vigo had been successful, and did manage to possess Baby Oscar and re-enter the mortal world, would he have just, like, been this weird Baby-Vigo for a few years? Does he take over Oscar's body then instantly is regular-Vigo again, or does he have to age in realtime from baby form to adult? And if so, couldn't they just really easily kill Baby Vigo? Or like, prevent Yanosh from bottle-feeding him, or whatever?

Is there an alternate-universe graphic novel where this occurs? I legitimately want to see how this would play out.

12. This Painting Appears. Come On, Guys.

12 Parts In The Ghostbusters Movies That Still Bother Me

I mean, come on, 80s comedy film sequel about busting ghosts. This is just absurd.


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