Hey everyone! I'm finally back to do another tutorial. Today I'm going to show you how I do a nighttime look. This is great for if you're going out somewhere you might run into an ex, or a bunch of girls who are prettier and more put-together than you, or someone you only know from the internet so you want them to think you look better than you actually do. Any of those. It's gonna be a really glamorous, really dramatic, fun look.


So obviously, the first thing I'm gonna do is put my contacts in, get my hair out of my eyes, and think about washing my face but then decide I'm too lazy. So this is the blank canvas we're working with.


You should always start with foundation and concealer. I don't have either of those things, because, and this is a common thing that not everyone knows, makeup is really expensive? So I'm gonna skip the foundation and concealer. But I do have a couple pimples that I'm going to try to cover up with a nice white toothpaste that is close to my natural skin tone. The toothpaste I've been using right now is actually a whitening toothpaste, so it's gonna burn a little bit when I put it on my skin, but I'm just gonna blend it right in. You can use your finger for this.Minty.


I'm also gonna use a little of this moisturizing suntan lotion that I bought in 2010, and that'll just even out any blemishes, or if you have under-eye circles like me because you stayed up late watching season two of the Sopranos. Just tap it in.


Now I'm gonna do my brows. I like a full brow, since I forget to get them waxed more than once a year, so I'm just gonna pluck out the strays underneath the line of my brow and the middle part of my gross unibrow. The technique I like to use for plucking is to get really really really close to the mirror, hold my slanted tip tweezers so the pointy part is angled in in the direction of the hair, and then miss the hair and pinch my skin very painfully. While I'm doing this, I'm going to be totally overcome with the need to sneeze repeatedly, and I'm gonna almost poke my eye out while I sneeze because I'm still holding the tweezers. Some people like to pluck a day before a big event, but I like to wait until the last second to do it so I get this sort of scary redness all around my brows and my eyes are watering like I've been crying.


Okay, time to do our eyes! We're gonna keep it really simple with eyeshadow and use this great palette that's my current favorite, that my grandma got as a free gift when she bought something better for herself and then gave these eyeshadows to me. Recently I don't remember whether I'm supposed to use a flat brush or round brush for eyeshadow, so I'm gonna use the round one since it seems harder to make a mistake with. I'm gonna get some on the brush and then sweep it along my eyelid. First I'm gonna stay underneath the crease, just on the eyelid itself. Then I'll open my eyes and realize I can't actually see the eyeshadow at all, so I'll put a bunch more between my crease and my eyebrow. Then I'll open my eyes and realize that's way too much and now I look insane, so I'll just rub that off with the back of my hand so it feathers out really nicely into irritated red skin.


Now eyeliner. I use this eyeliner pencil in navy blue, even though my eyes are kind of green, but one time a lady behind a makeup counter told me I should use this one so I will illogically obey her for the rest of my life. The best way I've found to apply eyeliner is to start doing it on the outside of my lash line, get frustrated that it keeps catching on my eyelashes and making a bumpy line, then try doing it on the inside where my eye is kind of wet and have the results immediately get washed away and disappear as soon as I blink, so I go back to the outside. You can play around and see what works for you. And do the same thing on the bottom lashes.

It's important to get the same thickness of eyeliner on both eyes, so if there's more on one, just make the other one thicker. And then that'll be the thicker one, so you make the first one thicker, and you just keep going like that until you're wearing way more than you wanted to have on. If you need to take some off, you can try to wipe it off with your finger, and when it smudges, that's how you get the "smokey eye" that you always see on celebrities. Ta-da!


Last thing I do with my eyes is mascara. I always replace my mascara every 7 years or so, so it doesn't get clumpy. Just brush it on and then wipe it off with your saliva when it inevitably gets all over your entire face somehow.

Once I've done my eye makeup, that's when I like to realize that I somehow still have sleep crusted in my inner corners and feel a compulsive need to scrape it out with my fingernails. This will smudge your mascara and liner, but again, smokey eye.

Now I'm gonna get my blush brush and my blush. I've had this one forever, since my older sister got bored of it in 6th grade, it's Wet n' Wild's Face Radiation in "Angel Dust". I love this color. It's really nice, really subtle. When I have some on the brush, I blow on it a little, cause I've seen people do that on TV, and that gets it on my shirt a little bit, which will really compliment my face. I'm gonna put the blush on the apples of my cheeks, that's the part that sticks out when you smile, although that doesn't matter at all because then I kind of put it everywhere else also. If you feel like you put too much on, we're gonna use the same technique we used with our eye shadow of just rubbing at it frantically until you can't tell what's red from the blush and what's red from the rubbing. You want to look like you have a bad fever.


Lips are last. My current favorite lip gloss, Rite Aid's Chapstick in "Cherry". I always go back to this one 'cause it's so versatile. If you want, you can put a matte lipstick on first and then a gloss, just make sure that you get your lipstick to rub off on the lip gloss stick instead of actually getting the lip gloss to go on your lips. Then I do that thing with the tissue because that always looked like the most fun part of being an adult woman when I was a child, and then realize that that took off all the lip gloss so I do it over.


And that's our finished look! Now you're ready to go out and have it immediately all come off as soon as you take a drink or accidentally touch your face at all. When you come home, always remember to drunkenly forget to take it off with makeup remover! Subscribe if you want to see more tutorials! Byeeeeeee!