During the All Nighter we asked our staff to share their current favorite thing on the Internet (even if it was something no one else likes). In case you missed it the first time around, here's everyone's answer.

Hannah Grant's Choice

I hate the treadmill, and gyms and anything associated with moving out of my rolly chair just as much as the next sedentary person, but goddamn, after seeing fancy treadmill guy all I want to do is just EXPRESS MYSELF through the art of dance.

The grace, the poise, the impeccable choreography. What isn't there to love about this gif? I personally think this needs to be translated into a Broadway musical. It would definitely include the Bette Midler "Wind Beneath My Wings" song.

Or maybe J.J. Abrams should just cast him the the new "Star Wars" movies.

Go ahead, look me in the eye and tell me I'm wrong. I dare you (disclaimer: if you do I'll probably cry, so good job, jerk, you made a girl cry).

Will Stephen's Choice

As far as popular dances go, The Twist is pretty innocuous. But the man behind said 1960's dance craze, one Chubby Checker, revealed a darker side of himself eeeeever so briefly during the performance of his comeback single "Knock Down the Walls" on the Early Show back in 2008. The song is weird enough. The band, even weirder (I'm looking at you, back-up singer wearing cargo shorts and a visible phone holster on national television). But make it into the guitar solo, and past the high-kick, and you will bear witness to a moment of sexual yearning so intense that you will never be able to do the twist quite the same way again. It is truly bizarre, and also responsible for quite possibly the hardest I have ever laughed in my life.

Hallie Cantor's Choice

Hallie Cantors Favorite Piece of Internet Garbage
"For my hedgehogs first birthday we threw him a double kegger and called it Thrills and Quills"

For much of 2012 I was in charge of monitoring CH's late, great uPick section, and Hedgehog's First Keg Stand, submitted by Aaron Emch, was BY FAR my favorite item. For months after approving it, I would scroll through the recent Pet Stories uPicks just to upvote it and feel outraged that no one else was doing the same thing.

My enthusiasm about this picture goes way beyond the surface-level enjoyment of seeing a cute hedgehog doing a typically human activity. Like all the best pictures, it tells a story. I mean, I already know so much about the hedgehog's owner, who's barely even in the picture: I know that he has a rockin' sense of style from his chill-ass silver thumb ring. I know that he cares deeply about animals since he threw his 'hog a birthday party with not one but TWO kegs. I know he appreciates wordplay enough to name that party "Thrills and Quills." And I know that I want to marry him someday.

Jeff Rosie's Choice

Our Favorite Pieces of Internet: Jeff Rosies Choice

Sure this is a little sentimental, but I don't care, I like it. Plus it'll totally help me roundup more InterWeb tweens who like sappy stuff. Check out my Twitter page that I never update here kidz!

Not-So-Fun Fact: In second grade, during an indoor recess brought on by rain, I was playing tag with my shoelaces untied (a short-lived fad in my elementary school), when one of my unnamed "friends" [cough] Sam Haller [cough] stepped on my shoe-laces while chasing me in a heated game of tag. I chipped my front tooth pretty badly, and since then my other front tooth has suffered nerve damage and died. Thanks, Sam!

P.S. Veneers cost $3,000 pal!