We asked our staff to share their current favorite thing on the Internet. Whether old or new, video or picture, we have strong feelings about these weird pieces of Internet Garbage.

Hedgehog's First Keg Stand

Hallie Cantors Favorite Piece of Internet Garbage
"For my hedgehogs first birthday we threw him a double kegger and called it Thrills and Quills"

For much of 2012 I was in charge of monitoring CH's late, great uPick section, and Hedgehog's First Keg Stand, submitted by Aaron Emch, was BY FAR my favorite item. For months after approving it, I would scroll through the recent Pet Stories uPicks just to upvote it and feel outraged that no one else was doing the same thing.

My enthusiasm about this picture goes way beyond the surface-level enjoyment of seeing a cute hedgehog doing a typically human activity. Like all the best pictures, it tells a story. I mean, I already know so much about the hedgehog's owner, who's barely even in the picture: I know that he has a rockin' sense of style from his chill-ass silver thumb ring. I know that he cares deeply about animals since he threw his 'hog a birthday party with not one but TWO kegs. I know he appreciates wordplay enough to name that party "Thrills and Quills." And I know that I will marry him someday.