Between waiting to be let outside and waiting to be let back in, it's been a memorable year for our feline friends. Let's look back at what made 2012 so special for a few select, random cats.

2012 Year in Review for Cats - Image 1

February 14:* While a lonely cat owner writes a sad Valentine's e-mail to an ex, affectionate Persian cat, Toby, attempts to cheer her up by walking on the keyboard and revealing anus. Accomplishes job.
March 21 – 24: With family away on vacation, Jingles, a brown and black calico, stays home to protect nothing and watch cat sitter perform oral sex on a guy she keeps inviting over. Does not break eye contact with this man during entire process.
April 28: Boyfriend and girlfriend take cat for a walk to feel normal. Cat clings to Earth as if gravity doesn't exist. Couple feels less normal than ever.

2012 Year in Review for Cats - Image 1
June 4: Four unnamed cats were adopted by a woman who promptly named them all Michael, after her husband. Her husband's name is David.
June 21 – July 4: Family cat enjoys the comforts of a beach vacation home in the Outer Banks, NC. Is seen down at the beach, which inexplicably blows the minds of everyone there.
September 30: Suburban father begins to suspect Derek Jeter, their grey cat, is being let inside the neighbor's house and living a double life. Uses this as an opportunity to tell wife he is transgendered.
October 2: Cat does not enjoy other family pets, especially the other cats. Exacts revenge on owners by pooping on edge of litter box.
2012 Year in Review for Cats - Image 1
November 7: Grandfather keeps calling Jesse, a male cat, "lady." Kids in family are irate. Cat bites grandpa. Kids saw it coming. Cat saw a weak pack member and tried to eliminate it.
December 20: Low hanging ornaments were found several feet from tree. Some have had their little heads removed. Youngest, weirdest son is accused and sent to therapy. Cat escapes into shadows.