Twas the night before finals, when all through the dormNot a person was sleeping, though that was the normEmpty Red Bull, iced coffee, and trash strewn aboutIn hope that some seeds of knowledge would sprout
The students were sitting uncomfortably at their chairsHoping thoughts of good grades won't be met with despair. And my roommate in his pajamas, and I in my jeans Studied like monsters and wrote like machines.
When from outside the building came such a racketI leaped up from my desk and put on my jacket. Out of the building I went in a hurry,My nose meeting smells of ramen, beer, and curry.
The glow of the moon lit up the scene:Fog on two sides, with a man in betweenEmerging from the smoke with two hands outstretchedHolding red plastic cups? It seemed quite farfetched.
Then, after a step or two to keep up his balance(He seemed to be under some sort of influence)I realized who the man in front of me must be!St. Procrastinate himself, it could only be he!
Ambling towards me without a care at all,He saw my studious nature and seemed quite appalled"What are you doing, huh? Preparing for exams?Writing papers, doing projects, and trying to cram?"
"Go out and enjoy your life, just learn to let looseTime spent in a library is time spent in misuse.Why bother studying with so much fun at your disposal?"He took a quick sip of something, and began his proposal:
"On Sparknotes, on Cliffnotes, on copy and paste!On large-lettered fonts, 14-point periods, and papers triple-spaced!To the results of Google searches! To the pages of Wikipedia!In fact, why write anything when you can buy essays from academia?"
I stood pondering it over, unsure what to believeWhen he turned around suddenly and started to leave"Wait!" I cried out, "I'm not sure what I should do!""Sleeping or studying, help me think this thing through!"
He spun around and said, stumbling as he went"Sounds like a lot of work, little bro, and my energy is spentBut here, these words at least I can express:Happy Finals, or not…whatever…I guess."