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Refined and dignified. A solid if unspectacular effort. Those who had expected the next Walden may come away disappointed, but this is nowhere near a disaster of Toaster proportions. Three likes.

Snobby Facebook Friend

The fallacy of modern photography receives yet another nail in its coffin. At this rate, DSLR will go the way of 35mm projections theaters by the end of the year. Comment below for a rebuttal that has been coped and pasted from the New York Times Art section which has absolutely nothing to do with any of this.


U look v handsome in this, when you get home can u teach me how 2 email this to cousin fifi. Cat nearly dead. Siri, send to Tim.

A Student Zine

At first glance, one would be forgiven for drawing parallels between Systrom and Krieger's Willow and Rembrandt's Raising of the Cross. Indeed, both have certainly turned heads (and not wholly away from the changing winds heralded by this new piece). Best enjoyed over two cups of coffee and an intellectual conversation/a photo of an epic window display fail. Art Appreciated.

Lost Youtube Commenter

um what this doesnt even move wtf who liked this???

Peter Travers

Rolling Stone: Moving too quickly. It came out blurry.

After The Artist swept the Academy off their feet last February, it seemed like only a matter of time before the industry's high rollers followed its two-tone suit. Willow is a stripped-down, visceral affair. Gone are the high-octane hazy-edged dealings of filters previous, here to stay is the understated majesty of WIllow's branches, and you'll forgive me if I want to spend just five more minutes in the shade.


Fuck. This is the other black and white one.

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