Today marks the 79th Anniversary of the End Of Prohibition, so to celebrate, we've compiled the following list of 20 Reasons We're Thankful For Alcohol! Get ready to get your drink on!!!

20 Reasons Were Thankful For Alchohol - Image 5

1. It Makes Family Gatherings Tolerable!
2. Wine Tastings
3. Doing a shot for each thing on the list you're writing – WINK!!! ;)
4. Champain at new years!! Champaign. CHAMPAGNE. man sorry im typing weird it's my phone
5. BIRTHDAY SHITS!!!! Shots. Hahahaaaa Birthday Shits?? whoupps

20 Reasons Were Thankful For Alchohol - Image 5

6. Haha starting to feel it already, especially like when I stood up just now,. Huh? Oh, reason 6? uhhh, i don't know, Carbombs
7. U know what's so great? wine tastings. just like, you'r out in the sun, drinmking wine with good friends, its just what is better than that???
8. Work Happy Hours!!1 Unless they get weird like when Nicole thinks you were hitting on her that one night at and youre like wuttttt, I have a girlfriend wut are you talking about you were drunker than I was an everyone saw that. Like, get over urself nicole, not EVERRYYYONE who talks to you about wine tastings at work parties is friggin hitting on you!!! Remember that? It was that like irish place with the thing
9. God what were we talking about? Oh man, you know what eleee is great is Looper. So good!!! When that guy's all bleeding and shit I was like ahhhhh the future! I don't WANT 2 go Back to the future! Where we're going we don't need roads! Were gonna need a bigger boat!!! Bigger BUTT hah

10. OH MAN I LOVE THIS SONG. PRIIIIVATE EY-oop not that part yet haha. PRIV- wait… .. . where'sthe part? How longs this stupid song oh here yes! PRIIIIVATE EYES, CLAP! ARE WATCHING YOUUUU CLAPCLAP!!!

20 Reasons Were Thankful For Alchohol - Image 5

11. Whatjou say? What happened to the list of drinking reasons? Well I ask u, WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR FACE?? OHHHHHH up top!
12. Wait wait where you going it's a joke! It's a joke come on your face is fine. I love your face. Ur nose is so cute! It's like – can I just touch your nose rewal quick, like boop! Like Superbad remember BOOP! Or david the nome.
13. Its just…I only made this list because i care about u so much, and i dont hjust say that, its like. I really feel like u and me have this thing like some people like get me but youre like REALLY get me, and I know i'm like a little tipsy right now but i swear thats not the only reason im' saying this, like if anything the drunk means i mean it even more u know?
14. NO? FINE LEAVE whatever I don't give a shit i'm fuckin I can call like ten girls whod be here in a minntye be all happy id touch there nose like "boop!"
20 Reasons Were Thankful For Alchohol - Image 5

14. COME ON COME ON don't go seriously no i'm sorry I said that stuff where you going?/? ahhh she left already. i dont evenb want to finish this dirnk you wnat this? ok i'll finish it hatever
17. Hey Nicole u up?
.ef Im goin home gotta leave no is just im just tired . 20


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