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Do not ever accept a drink from someone making this face.

One night a few months ago, a bunch of CH writers went out to celebrate Malibu Einstein 's birthday at a bar in Brooklyn. We decided that we should make up a drinking game as a present, so we went to work brainstorming. After a few false starts, test rounds and moderate alcohol poisoning, we had the basics of a game called Bartender. It's a quick game that can be played by 3 – 10 people and, hopefully, will reveal embarrassing secrets about your friends. Here is how you play:
What you need: Friends, Alcohol
Before the game can start, the players must determine who will be the Bartender first. Odds-or-evens, rock-paper-scissors, etc. Someone must "lose" and have to be Bartender first. The rest of the players are Patrons. Now you're ready to play!
The Bartender first picks a subject. So in our example game, the Bartender says to the group, "I want to talk about bad first dates."
Next, each Patron takes a turn telling the Bartender a personal story about themselves within the topic the Bartender selected. This story can be true or false.
For instance: "Hey Bartender, one time I was out at a packed movie on a first date and since there were so many people there and it was a loud movie, I thought I could fart and not get caught. Except when I did fart it was super loud and my date immediately knew it was me. I tried to say it wasn't me but she called me out. All the people sitting around us got mad at me and started yelling at me for farting and the manager made me apologize to the whole theater."
The Bartender must now try to guess if that story was true or false.

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Hopefully it looks drunker than this when you play.

If the Bartender guesses correctly: The Bartender will say to the Patron, "this one's on me" and the Patron must a take a drink.
If the Bartender guesses incorrectly: The Patron will say to the Bartender "Let me buy you a drink" and the Bartender must take a drink.
The next Patron repeats the process and so on and so on until the Bartender has managed to guess correctly three times in a row.
When the Bartender has guessed correctly three times in a row, they say "Have one on the house" and all the Patrons must take a drink.
The Patron who went last then becomes the new Bartender and can pick a new topic.
You can only be Bartender once.
If someone has already been Bartender once and is set to be Bartender again, the game has ended. That person must say "Give me one for the road" and finish his/her drink. If you and your friends choose to play another round, that person will be Bartender first.
There are no winners in Bartender, there is only a loser. As in life, so in Bartender.
TLDNR A New Drinking Game: Bartender - Image 3
The game where everyone's a winner! Except the loser. There's one loser.

Hopefully that all makes sense. It's a pretty easy, fun game to play and in the test round we just played at the CH office I learned that one of my co-workers clogged not one, not two, not even three, but four toilets at four different girls' houses. If nothing else, that was enough to make me want to play again.
Try it out next time you have a party and let me know how it goes –
But don't email me right after the game. I don't need to hear about you "hbve a few sgestiuns bout hw to mke the game moore fun and have more drink."

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