jesus painting

What you need:-A tan stocking -Markers/Makeup-A robe-Desire to offend devout Christians

How to sell it:-Find the nearest senile elderly woman and ask, "Why?! Why would you do this to me?"

10 LastMinute Halloween Costumes - Guy Living One Day in the Future
What you need:-A hangover-Gatorade-The remains of a once glorious costume

How to sell it: -Tell everyone how awesome this party is going to be

10 LastMinute Halloween Costumes - Apple Maps

What you need:-A map-White out-Hatred of Google Maps

How to sell it:-White out all useful information-Get lost on the way to the party

10 LastMinute Halloween Costumes - Middle Schooler with a Boner
What you need:-A sweater-A marker-Backpack-Stress acne from not being able to think of a costume

How to sell it: -Tie sweater around your waist and flip it so the knot is in the back-Crack your voice-Call your dad to come pick you up

What you need: -Discolored plastic sheet-Sunglasses-A narcissistic personality disorder

How to sell it: -Act really artistic, then stare at sunsets and meals that you've cooked