While the rest of us were hungover Sunday afternoon, this lucky group was playing kick ball with Bill Murray. We asked a couple of team members how it went down.

Interview: Bill Murray Crashed Our Kickball Game - Image 1

Marina: So, where did this all go down? I assume you're part of a rec sports league?

Chris DiLella: This all happened on Sunday at our 2 p.m. kickball game at Roosevelt Island's Firefighter Field. Our team name is Brews Your Daddy — we play for ZogSports. Some of our teammates had "other commitments" this week… and now they're regretting it! You snooze, you lose!

Marina: Did he introduce himself or just appear on the field like a majestic mythical beast? Was he with anyone?

Margaret Rainka: It was my turn to kick and the ref said, "do you mind if my friend Bill kicks?" I was thinking, "Yes I mind, it is my turn to kick I don't want your rando friend to take my turn."Then I heard someone say it was Bill Murray, so I decided I would let him kick :) He was a good teammate, and got on base!

Courtney Beard The Ref said he first began speaking to him on the Roosevelt Island tram because of a hat he was wearing…can't remember the team and the ref didnt even know it was Bill Murray. He overheard someone behind him point this out haha and then said he should stop by the kickball fields for the games. I looked out and thought it was just some old guy, then [my teammates] informed me it was him. He was dressed kind of like a homeless guy going to play sports, but apparently he does this all the time…very "loud" crazy bright colors/patterns when playing golf especially. He took pictures with everyone and even picked up [my friend] Margaret's mom! I looked at him and asked "Bill Murray, what are you doing here?" He put his hand out, shook mine and said, "Oh, ya know just wanted to kick the ball around."

Marina: Were you starstruck or were you able to play it cool?

Chris: I was able to play it cool — but everyone else ran to grab their cameras. He ate it up – I think he secretly loved it.

Sophia Rocher: I just remember yelling "GUYSSSS Bill Murray is kicking for our team right now"

Interview: Bill Murray Crashed Our Kickball Game - Image 3

Marina: Is he as infinitely cool to be around as he seems? Any funny moments?

Chris: Yes. My favorite moment — he gave us all high-fives… and then posed for a picture with us. Our team lost that day… but we still felt like winners at the end.

Marina: Most kids would be incredibly embarrassed if their dad spontaneously crashed a stranger's kickball game. How'd his sons handle it? Did they play?

Chris: His sons were awesome – they looked like they were on an outing with their dad. I believe they had bikes. They let their dad shine – and they stood in the background.

Marina: The world wants to know: Is Bill Murray any good at kickball?

Chris: In my opinion, Bill Murray has great throwing and bouncing abilities.

Marina: About how long did he stick around?

Chris: Less than 10 minutes.

Marina: A recurring theme of the Bill Murray lore is "No one will ever believe you." How awesome is it to have photo proof?

Chris: That's what I thought. I think that's why everyone scrambled for their camera phones.

Marina: How soon will you forgive your cameraman for blocking the upper left corner of the photo with his finger?

Emily Simmons: Considering that finger took the picture that caused this story to go viral, I think I'll be buying the cameraman a drink next Sunday instead.

Marina: This picture has gotten pretty popular pretty quickly. Is it cool to see the rest of the Internet as excited about this as you are?

Chris: Yes!

Marina: Last question: Having already met and high-fived Bill Murray, are you finding it difficult to come up with new life goals?

Chris: I mean… this has been on my bucket list since grade school – when I first discovered the sport of kick ball. Who'da thought… one day, when I'm 25-years-old, I'd be playing kickball with Bill Murray. I can now die happy.

Thanks to Chris, Margaret, Courtney, and Sofia for letting us live vicariously through you!

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