Tragedy in World of Warcraft - Image 1

This past Sunday our nation, the nation of Azeroth, came under attack. The actions of one nefarious hacker brought about the deaths of everyone in Stormwind, Orgrimmar, Tarren Mill, Ragnaros, Draenor, and the Twisting Nether. And as we watched all those characters fall down dead we felt horror at the thought that we might have to do something other than Warcraft for a few hours. The memories of the dead will echo through history for hundreds and hundreds of minutes.

These were brave men and women: Mothers and fathers; girlfriends and fake girlfriends; young children, and young children inside an adult's body. Let us memorialize them now by reading the names of the fallen: Orgrim Skullcrusher. Jadebeam Nightboobs. Lothlothilothlar. Orgrim Skullcrusher again when he tried to sign back in, but was immediately killed. Steve0. Another Orgrim Skullcrusher. Actually most of this is Orgrim Skullcrusher. But you get the point. Many people perished from this earth, never to return until dinner was over.

Rest assured we will find the man responsible for this. This man "Jadd." We will find him, and when we do he will be brutally chastised. Chastised for this unforgivable inconvenience.

And we will rebuild. In fact, we already have.

Still angry, though.