If you hadn't already heard, Prince Harry was recently photographed buck naked in Vegas during a game of strip billiards. We here at CH assembled some headlines that didn't quite make the (uncircumcised) cut.

A Harry Scandal

Crown Jewels on Full Display in Vegas

London Trousers Falling Down

Prince Harry Goes Bits to the Wall in Billiards

Pomp and Uncircumstance 

Harry's Pecker and the Half-Up Prince

Prince Harry Shows off His Prince William

Prince Harry's Dick Spotted, A Scandalous Pudding Indeed!

Prince Hairy Ballin' in Vegas

Big Ben is renamed Abnormally Huge Ben

Prince Harry's Smooth Jewels 

Harry Debuts his Royal Family

Prince Harry Commits Wale of a Fail

Prince Harry Lets the Family Corgis Off the Leash

Oy! Thems Pubes Innit??