An official countdown of the 20 biggest a-hole moves in the illustrious 75-year history of Disney animated films, in dickish-GIF form!

20. Beauty And The Beast: Gaston Stabs The Beast

Gaston's progression from "Vain Blowhard" to "Relentless Murdering Psychopath" gets overshadowed by Beauty & The Beast's lovely music and visuals, but no single act better encapsulates Disney dickishness than a villain being given a second chance by the good guy then stabbing him in the back for no damn reason. As glad as we are to witness Gaston plunge to his death after this hypercowardly act, his passing did single-handedly cripple France's egg industry.

19. Peter Pan: Pan Keeps Forcing Hook To Yell "I'm A Codfish"

Congrats Peter Pan! You've defeated Hook and you've freed Never Never Land, but despite Hook's misgivings, is it really necessary to sadistically torture him at swordpoint in front of all the children? Watching this clip, you can practically hear the Neverland sports columnists whining about Pan's garishness, "ACT LIKE YA BEEN THERE BEFORE, PAN!"