Other Records Set by Michael Phelps - Image 1
After coming in second in the Men's 200 meter Butterfly final, Michael Phelps now owns the record for winning the most Olympic medals with 19. Here are some other, lesser-known feats Mr. Phelps has accomplished in his lifetime.

  • Greatest Difference Between Attractiveness of Body and Face
  • Worst Attempt at Hosting "Saturday Night Live"
  • Least Convincing Spokesperson
  • Stupidest Mouth
  • Most Bogus Excuses for Having Bloodshot Eyes Accepted
  • Pruniest Fingers for Someone Under the Age of 65
  • Most "Avocado" from Subway Consumed in One Sitting
  • Tallest Abs
  • Longest Amount of Time Spent in a Pool without Being Dead or a Bandaid
  • Douchiest Guy You Don't Completely Hate