Snoop Dogg made headlines today by changing his name to Snoop Lion after being rechristened by a Rastafarian priest. Here are a 25 more rappers we think should follow in his footsteps with illin' name changes of their own:

25 More Rappers Who Need Name Changes Like Snoop - Image 1
1. Drake to Little Debbie

2. Eminem to ReesezPeesez

3. Lil Bow Wow to Bow Wow to just Wow

4. Jay-Z to Blue Ivy's Dad

5. Diddy back to Puff Daddy, then Diddy, and so on, alternating for the next ten years

6. T.I. to TI-83+

7. Kanye to Kayne, to match all of those mislabeled songs you downloaded from Limewire

8. 50 Cent to Sacagawea Dollar

8. Dr. Dre to Nurse Practitioner Dre

9. Method Man to Stanislavski Man

10. Common to Ordinary

11. Earl Sweatshirt to Earl Windbreaker in the springtime, Earl T-Shirt in the summer, and Earl Peacoat in the fall

12. Ice Cube to Ice Tray

13. LL Cool J to J Cool LL

14. Ludacris to Preposteris

15. Childish Gambino to Donald Glover

16. Soulja Boy to Soulja Adolescent

17. Lil Jon to Medium Sized Jon

18. Birdman to Manman

19. The Black Eyed Peas to Fergie, Will.i.Am, and The Extras

20. Busta Rhymes to Busta Keaton

21. Gym Class Heroes to Social Studies Heroes after the fourth period bell, then Chemistry Heroes, then lunch, then Symphony Orchestra Heroes until after the eighth period bell when they have to go to rehearsal for Little Shop of Horrors

22. Hopsin to Hop, Skip, and a Jumpsin

23. Nas to Nos to Rockstar to Monster Energy Drink

24. Naughty By Nature to Naughty By Nurture

25. The Roots to The Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Band