I don't have to say that these are hard and fast rules that apply to every person who has ever studied aborad in these places because that is obvious, right? Right. Also, some of these are cities, some are countries-deal with it.


You didn't study a language but also didn't want to be the only one back at school. (Plus, you love parties and beach vacations so win win.) If you don't return home with pictures of yourself feeding a Kangaroo, holding a Koala, and surfing a wave then you are a complete failure.


Rome/Florence/Venice: You cannot speak a word Italian but tell everyone that you can "understand" it. Mostly, you're in it for the pizza.Anywhere else: You're studying Italian and can't wait to brag to everyone back home about your (BFF) friendship with your host mom, complete cultural immersion, and (only) 10 lb. pizza/pasta/gelato weight gain.


Option 1: You describe yourself as being "chic". //www.youtube.com/watch?v=4rgzBdOpDt8Option 2: You are actually chic.

Semester at Sea

You party harder then the Australia kids. Good for you. Seriously.


Option 1: You took Spanish in high school, continued in college, and Spain seemed cool (you guess). But upon your return home, the only thing you have to share is that Spanish food is gross. Ew.Option 2: You switched your phone into Spanish and still write full length posts (in Espanol of course!) on your Spanish friends' Facebook walls. You LIVE for opportunities to speak Spanish in front of people because duh, you're awesome.


You looooove telling everyone how useful you are going to be in the work force. We get it: you're smarter than us and know 2 alphabets in comparison to our measly 1. You are also awesome. Enjoy communism.


You didn't a language and your parents wouldn't let you go to the Australia Party. Bummer.


Type 1: You like everyone at your school and want to hang out with them for 4 months. Oh and if you're in another country that's cool too. (Luckily, Londoners speak American.) Type 2: Your idea of a perfect day is reading Chaucer while laying on top of his grave.


You're a little braver than the London kids but if your school thinks you're going to learn 1 word of Czech they are fucking mistaken. They don't use any vowels-how are you supposed to even work with that??


You have at least 4 Hamsa items of jewelry and can't wait to put all those years of Hebrew school to good use. L'chaim!

South America

You smugly look at me when I say Chile instead of Chil-ay. (Relax Alex Trebek) You'll post thousands (literally) of photos of sunsets, mountains, and blades of grass with a few sprinkled in of you riding a bike in Tevas.


Can't wait for you to change your Facebook default to you hugging a bunch of schoolchildren while simultaneously feeding a Giraffe.


This is all I have to say: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=f-mPnmfrm6I