In the wake of 'Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter' s box office success, studios rush to produce similar productions. Here are the new historical figure thrillers in pre-production!

The Ghost of the Potomac

A new blue chip construction company has set up shop on the banks of the Potomac river. Space is needed and trees must be cut. Cherry Trees. And the Ghost of George Washington has sworn to guard the government protected trees. One ax slash at a time. With each un-eco friendly decision by the companies deceiving executives, the first president emerges from the cold murky waters of the Potomac to revenge the fallen saplings. He's angry and he can not tell a lie.

National Sufferage

Its the new millennial and materialism has run rampant.Despite the strides,leap and bounds that the feminism movement has made, sexism still reigns.The zombie of Susan B Anthony literally turns over in here grave in rage. And her thirst to rid the country of its sexual bigotry is at an all time high. From the egotistical,macho manager setting glass ceilings for his female counter parts to the sultry Lolita using her bodily assets to get by in life, Susan seeks to reek havoc. Albeit, Zombie B. Anthony has a democratic stance to her demolition. A flip of dollar coin will determine her prey's fate. But regardless of heads or tails, brains are always top priority.

The Moon-Dog Saints

In the dark ages of religion, the powerful hand of the wealthy church tortured anyone that refused to fall in line. The Brothers Luther, Martin Luther and Martin Luther king, are on a spiritual crusade for religious equality. But once the all powerful Pope Arcadian got wind of this, he cursed them to be beasts by nightfall for their actions. They were to be an example of what happens to those that betray the ministry. This however, backfired on the clergy. The brothers Luther were turned into righteous werewolves. By day they passively fight for religious freedom. By night and moon shade they are on crusade to slay the evil, corrupt and magical Cardinals.

Le' Reboot

France has just undergone an epic election and the once reigning champ, Nicolas Sarkozy, has been ousted with ease. The once high heralded political machine has had his back turned on him in the most embarrassing way. This has caused a major meltdown for the former president. Literally. Unbeknownst to the world, Sarkozy was an actual political machine. Half human charm and half circuitry. Sarborg-kozy has now run rampant after the tears from his electoral loss of his mother land, fried his mother board. Now all those that have voted against him and new government officials must fight off his…. je nais se quoi. Is recount in store? Oui.

The Mummy III

Starring Brendon Fraser