The Dorklyst: 7 Ways Videogames Make Us Smarter - Image 1

At best, fun-loving critics would say that video games are a complete waste of time. At worst, they teach children to murder each other while sexting corpses using gun swords. Or something along those lines.

Opponents of games love to point to stories of people killing each other over a disconnected PlayStation or stolen virtual goods as an example of how Nintendo tapes are leading to the next apocalypse. And while video games have undoubtedly led some idiots to be idiots (for more information, see "the history of every art form, ever"), they've also made us all more intelligent. Really. Here are 7 ways videogames are making us smarter.

7. Rated 'M' For 'Magnanimous Use Of Words'

The Dorklyst: 7 Ways Videogames Make Us Smarter - Image 1

Fatality. Civilization. Flawless. Random. Ultimate. Corsair. Evolution. Ocarina.

These are all words that you probably knew in elementary school because of video games. And while you would've learned them eventually through the wonders of education, you would also probably would've never used them in every day life the way you do now. Games such as Diablo 3 even turn random enemies into SAT flash cards of words that mean "evil."

Think about the flip side of the complaint about kids on XBOX Live: children are thoughtlessly talking about squad tactics and economic victories because games have made those terms easy to understand and fun. They can be annoying, but they're not dumber for having played video games. And that's pretty tubular (thanks, Ninja Turtles games).