The Election Poem,
By Streeter Seidell – disgruntled liberal

For many days and weeks and months
We heard the pundits scream.
And now the votes are in and done
And Bush will reign supreme.

They talked and fought and tried so hard
to mobilize their base.
And in the end, one had to win
In this – a heated race.

The Left invested so much hope
In Kerry, like a friend.
The Boston Sox got their win but
That's where the Mass. streak ends

Bush has toppled a mighty foe
Who many thought would win.
The Jews will weep, the black man cries
While WASPs will wear a grin.

No abortion or welfare checks
And no more gays to boot.
Now we'll have oil and big "'ol cars
And prayer right back in schools.

Thank God a man of moral worth
Controls the FCC
Now we won't worry anymore
Bout tits on our TVs.

Some might say that our President
Talks with a bigger boss.
He lived a long, long time ago
They nailed him to a cross.

For now we live in angered shock
And feel we have been wronged.
While Nader voters go right back
To filling up their bongs.

And now things go back to normal
Until two-thousand-eight.
When pundits will scream once again
And we all fill with hate.

I will finally shut my mouth
And accept our defeat.
What can I do, it's over now
We're broken, bruised and beat.

Congrats to you, President Bush
On your win, as of late.
But now we have a brand new plan