The Dorklyst: 7 Videogame Worlds You Seriously Don't Want To Live In - Image 1

Videogames are at their best when they transport us to another world. Whether it be the chance to save an alien planet or to live in a parallel universe where we have something resembling athletic ability, videogames let us see what it would be like to live in other places and times. Unfortunately, sometimes those lives are really, really terrible. Here are the 7 videogames worlds you seriously don't want to live in.

7) Sim City (Sim City, The Sims)

The Dorklyst: 7 Videogame Worlds You Seriously Don't Want To Live In - Image 1

Whoo boy. You sure picked a great place to live! We've got a baseball stadium. It's all the way across town. And a park. It's only a few feet square, but it's there! A hospital across the river. It's not powered right now, but we're working on it. A police station. Okay, maybe there aren't any roads going to it, but how are you supposed to keep everything connected when tornadoes come through every few years?

Okay, you look worried. So I'll be straight with you: our mayor is only 11 years old. And I know, I know – that seems a little young for someone to be responsible for the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. And you're right: he's going to throw a few tornados at you to keep you on your toes. And sometimes he'll set taxes super high just to see what happens. But here's the good news: you're living right next to a nuclear power plant because people wanted more residential zones and Mayor Kid was in a bad mood because of Mom stuff.

Oh, hey, also, your wife is cheating on you. Mayor Kid is also her god and told her to. Sorry.