Now that Mitt Romney has all but sealed the deal as the Republican nominee (pick up the pace, Ron Paul), it's time that he start considering potential running mates. Mitt is certainly lacking in the image department, so we here at CollegeHumor thought we would suggest some possibilities that might balance out the GOP ticket this year.

Romney Running Mate Suggestions - Image 3

Rep. Paul RyanPros:
– Chairman of the House Budget Committee; proposed a major budget plan
– From Janesville, Wisconsin; would capture the hearts of the Midwest
– Just a charming little gent

– Two first names, can't trust him
– Kind of gives off otter vibes
– A better ticket would be Ron Paul/Paul Ryan, with a cabinet including Rand Paul, late artist Paul Rand, and actor Ron Perlman. I'll stop.

Romney Running Mate Suggestions - Image 1

Sen. Marco RubioPros:
– Charismatic rising star in the Republican Party
– Cuban-American; would help with the Latino vote
– The "Crown Prince" of the Tea Party

– "Crown Prince" sounds weird
– Would constantly be interrupted by crowds of people shouting "Polo" when introducing himself
– Looks like he could be a young dad on some show on the CW

Romney Running Mate Suggestions - Image 3

Herman CainPros:
– Would certainly shake things up
– Pizza interests would be well represented
– Huge fan of the Pokemon movie

– Bonafide nutjob
– Decorated Admiral in the War on Women
– Huge fan of the Pokemon movie

Romney Running Mate Suggestions - Image 4

Ron SwansonPros:
– Staunchly Libertarian, would woo Ron Paul supporters
– "The government is a greedy piglet that suckles on the taxpayer's teat until they have sore, chapped nipples." So there's that.
– Undecided voters would be drawn to his killer 'stache and woodworking skills.

– Lack of national/foreign policy experience
– Awkward and unpleasant
– Fictional

Romney Running Mate Suggestions - Image 5

Kim KardashianPros:
– Has very high name/face/nude rec
– Probably has her own perfume or something
– Would be amazing to see on "Meet the Press"

– Has zero experience, awareness, or interest in politics
– Jill Biden's counterpart would be Kanye West
– Representative of – if not major cause of – the downfall of American culture