Facepalm: Laundry - Image 1
I just did the most bone-headed thing ever! Lemme explain.

So I needed to take down a bag of laundry to the laundry machines in the basement. And I figured, "Oh, along the way, lemme take out the trash!" Which by the way, was disgusting. (cleaned out my fridge last night…) Food scraps. Expired milk. The whole nine yards.

So I am dragging these two large bags — one filled with stinky, disgusting, garbage, and one filled with my clothes. I toss the garbage bag down the trash chute (or so I thought! More on this later…) and made my way to the washing machine with my "clothes."

I put all my "clothes" in the washing machine, load the detergent, start the machines and wait 45 minutes for the "clothes" to wash. I stay down there the whole time, reading a book ("City of Thieves." Amazing.) The washing machine dings, I take out my "clothes" and move them to the dryer. Not noticing ANYTHING. Okay, keep in mind, the entire time I'm down there, all I smell is garbage. It's disgusting.

Anyway, I start the dryer and keep reading. An hour later, the dryer stops, I put my "clothes" in the "laundry bag" and take it back to my apartment. Keep in mind, AS I'M LUGGING THIS STUFF ALL I CAN THINK OF IS HOW DISGUSTING IT SMELLS. It reeks of salty shit.

I get up to my apartment, throw all my "clothes" on my bed and start folding. Keep in mind, the horrible, horrible smell is now everywhere. Just absolutely foul. Alla the sudden, I realize "Wait. I'm folding a banana peel." I look around — There are just stacks of empty tuna cans, old cottage cheese containers everywhere— OH MY GOD. IVE BEEN FOLDING GARBAGE! So then I figure I have to confirm this. Because this is crazy, even for me.

I race out to the trash area — Yup. THERE ARE ALL MY CLOTHES. IN THE DUMPSTER. I had thrown them away, and washed/dried/partially folded my GARBAGE.

And the bozo of the year award goes to…?