Mario Kart Political Identity Test - Image 1

If you're like me, you don't follow politics, but you do play a lot of Mario Kart. And if you live in the US, it turns out you have to vote this year. If you live somewhere else, I honestly have no idea. EITHER WAY, here is a political identity test based solely on your experience playing Mario Kart, which will hopefully help you make informed decisions, or at least edit your Facebook profile.

1.) Which of the following best describes your thoughts on the lightning item?

a.) It's a necessary item that gives struggling players a better chance to catch up.

b.) It's an unfair item that slows down players who have worked hard to stay in the front.

c.) It's good in theory but too often abused when players start squishing each other.

d.) If you use lighting right before the Wario Stadium jump, you deserve the electric chair.