When you go to another school for a weekend, going out is a LOT of fun. Just walk into any bar, walk over to anyone, and say "Hey, what's the scene at this bar usually like?" When they ask why you want to know, tell them you're from another school, and if that doesn't start a conversation, tell them that they're dumb and ugly. Either you'll have started a conversation, or you won't care because you'll never see them again. And you'll have a great story to start a conversation with when you get back to school.

How come when you visit other schools, you still look around for people you know?

It's annoying to have to compare stuff on other campuses to stuff at your own school. Almost annoying as walking around school with a friend as he compares everything to how it is at his campus.

Some schools are great. But face it – your school is not the best at everything. If you go to Harvard, you may like your social scene a lot. But telling a Florida State guy that he goes to a lamer party school is like someone from Nassau Community College bragging to you about their astrophysics department.

When you get to a new campus, everything looks strange. The buildings are arranged differently, the system of signing in guests is unusual (if it's even there), and the dining halls are so confusing that you can't even get a piece of pizza. But if you pay attention, everyone is still listening to Dave Matthews, everyone is still talking about hooking up, and everyone still has that Animal House poster of John Belushi where his shirt just says "College." Home, sweet drunken home.

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