I have one class where even the TA has been cutting lately. Or so I've been told.

If you're not worried about getting in to grad school, all you need is a B to get any job. So if you've been through three years of school with A's and you find yourself not going to grad school, the only math you'll need to do is figure out exactly how many classes you can miss and still pass.

Being 6'4" with red hair makes it tough to cut class. Having professors who are 64 with gray hair makes it easy.

You might be slumping when you've taken the time to make three-dozen different away messages. You know you're slumping when you have that many different ones that describe which bar you'll be at.

You never completely stop caring about your workload when you're a senior. But if you skip class, it's hard to actually expend the effort to call someone to see what you missed. That's why you make friends with people who go out a lot. "Hey, aren't you in my bio class? Did we get any assignments? Any exams? No? Cool – see you next weekend."

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