I worked the first two weeks of break, but I'm going to have the next two weeks to do absolutely nothing. I plan on using the time to write, fix up my resume, and go to the gym. Actually, I'll just sit on my couch and watch SportsCenter, but everyone should have goals.

When you go home for winter break, you're like "Score! A whole month off!" Then you spend a week at your parents' house with no drinking, plenty of nagging, and the terrible thought that you'll have three more weeks of this.

Why do they have to give us a whole month at once? If I could, I'd have December break be two weeks. Give me an extra two days to study for finals, an actual day off in the middle of April, and an extra long weekend every two weeks for the entire spring semester, and we'll call it even.

Over break, everyone's AOL buddy list goes empty. Your parents are willing to spend $50 a week calling you during the semester just to make sure you don't forget your coat, but the second you get home, $5 in local calls for you to keep your sanity is a bit too pricey.

New Year's resolutions were cute when we were in fourth grade. But in college, we make them every week. "Next time I'll do the reading." "That's the last time I go after someone from my floor." "I'll never drink again." Why set ourselves up for failure? Last year, my resolutions were to buy cliff notes for every book we read, to live in my fraternity house, and go drinking any time my friends wanted to – and dammit, I feel like I'm a better person for accomplishing all three.

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