When I meet a guy in college, I always want to ask, "what kind of guitar do you play?"

You know MP3s have taken hold when everyone has burnt copies of all the CDs from their music class.

I think live music is usually better than listening to a CD. But I will never understand why people like recorded live music better than something produced in a studio. "Hey, he's saying something to the audience that we can't really hear. Oh, I love when he does that! Maybe later, he'll miss a few notes, and the mic will pick up some feedback!"

I love those compilation CDs they sell on TV. When it's one I want to buy, I get the song list off their website, download all the tracks, burn the CD myself, and spend the $19.95 on pizza.

I am a music idiot. I like popular music with a good beat and good lyrics, and I don't care how studio produced it is, how few chords it uses, or how little talent it took to write the music. That's the only way I can play it on my guitar anyway.

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