No one dates in college. No movies, dinner, comedy clubs, shows, ice skating, nothing. Instead, the guy asks the girl to watch TV in his lounge, so he can show her off to all his friends and maybe hook up with her in his room later. The girl asks the guy to sit in her room while she rearranges her desk and shows him pictures of people from high school that she doesn't even talk to anymore, so she can show him off to her friends, and turn him down when he tries to hook up with her.

Guys have a complex system of dibs. If a girl is your first dibs, (girlfriend, big crush, etc) then none of your boys can touch her. If she's your second dibs, then it'd be nice for your boys to lay off, but it's acceptable if they don't. Beyond that, it's anyone's ballgame. Girls have a simpler system – backstabbing each other and then telling everyone that the guy is a prick for hooking up with both of you.

Guys don't talk about what they did with a girl. A guy will come home, and his friend will say, "so, did you two, you know?" And the guy will say "yeah" and maybe even a number to signify how many times. A girl gets back, and proceeds to tell her girlfriends what he wore, everything he said, how much the take-out food cost, and exactly what he did with his tongue.

Girls – guys will not tell you if they like your haircut. Half the time they try, turns out that you just combed it differently, and the guy looks insensitive for suggesting it was cut when it wasn't. Guys – girls do not care about how well you did in that intramural basketball game. So what if you scored 20 points, you were playing against the women's chess team. Get over yourself, and compliment her haircut.

No offense to anyone, but if you don't date much in college, then you won't date much after college. Think of the situation you've been given. You live in a one-mile area that consists of thousands of members of the opposite sex, 99% of whom aren't married, and all within four years of your age. If that's not enough, you're put in small rooms with these people for 4 months, and then you're given a new set of people for the next four months – and this happens eight times. No one has an unlisted phone number, and everyone eats in the same place. Then, members of the opposite sex are given a lot of alcohol, and are all hanging out in the same 5 places every night. Face it, if you can't score now, then give up.

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