Almost every guy, at one point or another wants to play an intramural sport with his friends. Just like almost every guy, at one point or another, wants to open a bar with his friends. Except no one actually buys the bar. But one guy will always show up with a ball and wonder where all his friends went.

I love our intramural playoff system because everyone is in the playoffs as long as they won at least one game. Kind of like the National Hockey League.

We have intramural quiz bowl at my school. So we play football, basketball, softball, soccer, and jeopardy.

My freshman year, I saw a basketball team wearing jerseys. They weren't a fraternity or a club or anything – just a bunch of guys who lost in the first round of the playoffs. Good thing they commemorated it with a uniform.

Folks, lets be honest. You are a group of ten guys from your freshman dorm. You will not beat the football team at any intramural sport. Especially football.

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