My friends have started slowly getting married. When I meet a girl, is she thinking about whether or not I'm marriage material? I can't even settle on what I'm gonna eat for lunch – what makes anyone think I can settle on something a little more lasting than grilled cheese?

Why are women only sure they don't want to date you two days after you pay for dinner?

I don't understand work dating etiquette yet. Not picking up girls in your office, okay – that's like not dating someone in one of your seminars. And Not picking up girls you live with is just like not dating anyone on your hall. But where are all of the fraternity parties to make up for it?

When I meet a new girl, I find myself asking them where they went to school. Which is okay when they're my age. But when they're older, it gets a little weird. "Where did you go for undergrad…ten years ago?"

Some guys who just made it to the work place think they're cool because they can finally afford to buy drinks for every woman they meet. It only takes a few weeks of this to realize it's cheaper to cut out the middleman and just buy a woman.