I know some people who go to 15 classes the first week to find the easiest classes. Obviously not math classes though. Because you've just spent 12 hours that first week trying to get out of about ten hours of work.

In one of my history classes, we were discussing how there were communists in every profession. And I wondered – if there really were communist mailmen, did they give the same amount of mail to everyone?

You get spoiled in college. I went to a high school that was an hour train ride away. Now, the furthest class I've had was less than half a mile away. So I complained about the walk constantly.

One of my writing professors said that in order to write about something, you have to have lived it. He recommended bungee jumping, hang gliding, cliff diving, and other things like that. But I think he's missing an important caveat – to write about something you have to live through it.

Some professors do not give 'A's, so you ask them why. "I'm sorry," they say, "I don't give 'A's." Hey, buddy, it's your job to give 'A's sometimes. If you don't think anyone you've ever taught deserves an A, then maybe it's not them that need improvement.

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